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Ryan Farquhar considers racing return
Author Malcolm
Wednesday, Oct 16, 2013 3:45 pm
Ryan Farquhar considers racing return

The KMR Kawasaki team boss told the News Letter he was considering competing in the Supertwin class at Bishopscourt in Co Down with a view to carrying out development work on the ER6 for 2014.

Farquhar, the most successful Irish national road racer ever, said:

“There are things I want to test for next year but it’s very hard getting a rider to give the proper feedback I need to sort the bikes out, so it would be a good opportunity at the Sunflower to get some work done for next season.

“If I ride the bike myself then I know straight away from experience what I need to do to get it right and it’s obviously even better from that point of view in a race situation.

“I’ll see what happens but I’ve talked it over with Karen [Ryan’s wife] and explained to her from my point of view what my thinking is,”
he added.

It would probably be a one-off and it’s all about developing the bikes.”

Farquhar called it quits after his uncle, Trevor Ferguson, died following a crash at the Manx Grand Prix last year.

Pressed on whether he would ever consider returning to the roads, the Dungannon man said:

It’s very unlikely, but I’ve options to ride bikes at the Classic TT for example with Roger Winfield, who would gladly give me a bike. Who knows though - never is a long time.” 


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