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Ian Huntly, - His first visit to the Isle of Man TT was in 1947. He has been coming over ever since.
Author Malcolm
Monday, Nov 28, 2011 6:12 pm
Ian Huntly, - His first visit to the Isle of Man TT was in 1947. He has been coming over ever since.
Yes, that's me in the middle, on the ferry, going to the Isle of Man, on my very first visit. To your left is my Cousin Lee and to your right is "Me Dad" who did so much to make me the fan I am today.

I hated it all for the first few days, a Norton mega exhaust noise just hit me at ear level, and frankly I did not like it. As a consequence, I spent a lot of time on the beach to my Dads dismay....

However after getting up for the practices, meeting just about everyone, and being introduced to the wonderful hot soups available from the tent in those days, it all grew on me.
Lee, Ian and Harry on the Manxman, 1947

In this collection is a staggering amount of film, slides, press releases, photographs,information, souvenirs and hand-written notes.

What follows is a compilation of first-hand experiences, incorporating some of my souvenirs..

So I have decided to share some of my recollections with you and here they are..... 

I suppose it must have started in 1939 when my parents were watching Georg Meier winning the Senior TT. I was but a foetus but must have been developed enough to be aware of the noises surrounding my Mum.

I was born in the September but started off with chest problems which over the first few years produced winter asthma, bronchitis and then in 1946 I had pneumonia. I was recuperating slowly in the March of 1947 and our doctor, a personal friend, called in to see me. I was still unwell but my father aked the doctor something which was to change my life forever....

"Duncan, what can we do to help Ian ?"

The doctor replied "Ian would benefit from some sea air !"

My father then stated "Do you think the Isle of Man would be beneficial, after all it is an island ?"

The doctor sat for a short while and said "Perfect, Harry !!"

My mother stared at my father who grinned from ear to ear. "Well, Lily, pack our bags we are going back to the Isle of Man"......

This is part of a proposed book that TT Fan Ian Huntly has put on the web, for afficionados of the famous TT to review and comment upon. Hopefully Ian will be able to have his remembrances of his time at the TT eventually put together in a book and have it published for all to read.

To read more of Ians' "story", please go to and enjoy the historical anecdotes that he has to reveal.


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