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The Joey Dunlop Foundation End of Year Newsletter
Author Malcolm
Tuesday, Dec 13, 2011 11:55 am
The Joey Dunlop Foundation End of Year Newsletter
Our first official guests arrived in March and it quickly became apparent that the long hours of research had paid off with glowing reviews.
In April, we received the highest grading for accessible accommodation.

As we prepared to depart for the North West 200, none of the committee would have anticipated that from the 21st May until the 26th September that we would have the ‘No Vacancy’ sign in our window.

We have catered for a wide range of guests and it gave us great pleasure when we saw the excited faces of the many young children who now had the opportunity to have an overseas holiday in the Isle of Man.

The Isle of Man TT has a worldwide audience and during TT 2011, we provided holiday accommodation for seven French motorcyclists. Sitting on the balcony watching the sun rise, I was greeted by the sound of bikes leaving Quarter Bridge only to learn that it was our French friends arriving on their Hyabusa sidecars.

Unfortunately as the appeal of the TT grows, I have had to decline many requests for holiday accommodation, maybe in a few years’ time we will be able to extend the facilities.

Fund raising is on-going , we are always introducing new merchandise and next year’s tombola prize will be very special .

We had our most successful dinner in November and it was a great honour to welcome Franki Chilli to the Isle of Man.

There are many people who have contributed to the success of Joey’s charity, the committee all agree that without the support of wives and partners we would be unable to continue with plans to grow the charity.

We are pleased to work closely with Linda Dunlop and her family charity and I wish to Thank her for fund raising and promoting the charity.

Klaffi , Andy Faragher and The Manx Gas Team have been long term supporters. Klaus has promised to continue to support the charity , he is a highly respected sportsman and with his contacts in motor sport we are sure that he will attract another mega star to next year’s dinner.

For many years the charity has been supported by Clive Padgett, Neil Tuxworth, John Mc Guinness, Moly, Dan Sayle and Ryan Farquhar. Their interest in the charity truly reflects the popularity of Joey whose achievements will never be forgotten.

If you have family or friends who would benefit from a holiday at Braddan Bridge House then please do not delay as you may be disappointed.

Further information can be obtained via our website or simply send me an email.

Wishing you all a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

Kevin Quirk (Trustee)

The Joey Dunlop Foundation
Braddan Bridge House, Braddan, Isle of Man IM44TN,
Isle of Man Reg. Charity No.842

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