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Minister denies TT contract is in a mess
Author TTwebsite
Wednesday, Aug 3, 2016 1:57 pm
Minister denies TT contract is in a mess
 Delay means Vision Nine won't take over in 2017

The economic development minister has been trying to deflect criticism of the handling of the new TT promoter contract.

It's emerged the deal between the government and Vision Nine is yet to be signed, meaning control of the TT and Classic TT will not be handed over next year, as originally planned.

One of the sticking points is reportedly other government departments raising issues with DED, described as 'operational matters'.

There's also now the matter of trying to get official sponsors, operators and broadcasters for just one more year, as all existing contracts ended in 2016, to give Vision Nine a clean slate when it took over.

Despite all this, Economic Development Minister Laurence Skelly denied the situation was in a mess, when he spoke to Tim Glover:

Listen to what he has to say - HERE


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