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Ill Bruce Anstey battling health issues
Author TTwebsite
Friday, Apr 20, 2018 2:47 pm
Ill Bruce Anstey battling health issues
Top international road racer Bruce Anstey is unlikely to be able to compete this season due to illness, according to his partner, Anny Ramsey. In a Facebook post on Tuesday, she revealed that the hugely popular New Zealand rider is facing a battle with health issues that are likely to rule him out of action this year.

Writing on her Facebook page, Anny said:

‘So folks, some of you already know our sh*t news... ‘Unfortunately, Brucey has become ill. He has multiple tumours in his lungs and a tumour on his spine and a blood clot on the lung just to kick him while his down.

‘I doubt very much Bruce will see any racing this year but we won’t rule that out lol…

‘He is waiting for a treatment plan and should be starting it very soon. I will try to keep you all updated but would really appreciate that you don’t pm me.... sorry for the news folks xxx onwards and upwards.

The Padgett’s Honda rider, who has battled cancer before, won the feature Superbike race at the Ulster Grand Prix last year on the RC213V-S MotoGP-based machine.

Anstey also won the 250cc Lightweight race at the Classic TT for the second consecutive year, setting a new lap record at 120.475mph to record the first 120mph lap of the Mountain Course on a 250cc machine.

Kyle White


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