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 Moodie - The States or the TT?

Jim Moodie

Jim Moodie has today confirmed that he is in talks with several teams in the United States about possible rides for the coming season in the AMA Championships. In addition to this, an approach has been made by Philip and Hector Neil with regards to filling the vacant ride in their Temple Auto Salvage Squad.

Jim told us 'I would love to ride at the TT and the North West, but if I manage to get something in America a round would clash with the North West and also the end of TT fortnight'.

He went on to say 'The Suzuki looks awesome really awesome, and I think I could win on it for sure, but until next week, I can't really say what I'll be doing.

Jim Moodie

We will have an in-depth interview with Jim very soon, where we will be talking about the famous events of last season and by which time he should have his season's plans finalised.

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