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 Injured Riders Fund Happy with Joey Lap Decision

A CHARITY has welcomed the news the lap of honour in memory of Joey Dunlop is to go ahead on Mad Sunday. Tourism and Leisure Minister David Cretney announced that the event, which could attract 12,000-18,000 bikers, will be on Sunday, June 3, provided the Saturday's racing isn't postponed, it attracts enough volunteers and the necessary road closures are obtained.

The Joey Dunlop Injured Riders' Fund is glad it will go ahead as it will be a chance for it to raise funds to build a travel lodge for the disabled. It aims to sell thousands of T-shirts.

Treasurer Kevin Quirk said: 'This is brilliant news for us. It will be a golden opportunity to raise the funds.' But not everyone was in favour of the lap going ahead. Chairman of the TT Marshals' Association Roger Hurst said: 'The committee opposed it because the marshals have enough to do for the whole fortnight.' But he added marshals can go and help out 'on their own backs'. It is likely a number will take part in the event.

Honda UK have arranged for up to 50 Hondamac marshals to take part and police will provide support to help control speed and manage the event. The lap will honour all riders who have participated in the TT races since 1907 and a special badge will be made available with proceeds going to the injured riders fund.

Anyone who wants to help out can contact Mr Cretney at the Sea Terminal, Douglas, or e-mail him on:

Link: Joey Dunlop Injured Riders Fund (IOM)

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