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 Steam Packet to suffer if TT is Cancelled

The Steam Packet will be hit hard if the TT is cancelled as a result of the crisis.

Geoff Corkish, communications manager, said: 'It would be a big loss to the company but an even bigger loss to the Isle of Man as a whole.'

Mr Corkish didn't give an exact loss figure but said: 'Suffice to say it is a lot of money.' He added: 'This is illustrated by the fact we have six vessels on over the period.

Vessels in recent years have carried around 35,000 passengers, 15,000 motorcycles and 3,500 to 4,500 vehicles.

'We roster in excess of 200 sailings over the fortnight. That shows the importance we place on the TT. We play a major part but we don't stand alone in that.'

However, he stressed as far as he was concerned the TT was still on. He said the Steam Packet was not lobbying the Department of Agriculture, Fisheries or Forestry or the emergency planning committee about a cut-off date.

'We are dictated by the Department of Agriculture the same as the hotels and everyone else. The TT is on. We are anticipating that it is going ahead. We must remain upbeat on this,' he said.

Mr Corkish said worried customers who are ringing the Steam Packet are being told that in the event of the event's cancellation, refunds will be available.

'We have already said to people standard fares will be refunded in the normal way as per normal conditions - the full fare less the applicable cancellation fee.

'We will hold special offer fares in credit until the end of the year - these are not normally refundable.' He said everyone associated with the TT would suffer if it was cancelled but he was confident this wouldn't be the case.

'We can only assume that everything is going ahead and the Island is open for business,' Mr Corkish said.

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