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 John Shand Racing - Latest News

What happened to the good old days when you just painted your bike in the colour of the nearest tin of paint or spray bomb, and covered up all the mistakes with stickers and logos of people you dont even know.

Much easier than today where presentation becomes a major factor in the overall picture. Also the technology provided by computers lends a hand. Our bikes are in a container in transit from Japan to the TT. But they all need a coat of paint in the colours of the various interested parties. So with just a digital photo of the bikes we are "Painting " them while on the water.

We need the yellow and blue of Sweden, the red and yellow of the Isle of Man, the blue and red of Norway and the colours of the Japanese Team who supplied the bikes. Quite a tall order to make everyone happy. So here is what we have come up with and we hope they are distinctive and look OK on the race track..

Here is the next task where do we put the TTwebsite logo? That Paul Phillips wants the whole bike plastered with his stickers. In fact we may not have to paint them at all!!! Readers must help us here.

By the way the team has decided to run the bikes at the Steam Packet Racing and also the Southern 100 so if anyone is talking to Ryan Farquar and Chris Dowling tell them they are welcome to to ride them and we are looking for some more up and coming talent to maybe have a guest ride on the other two bikes.

What does Paul Phillips look like in a set of evil fitting leathers and a pudding basin crash helmet? I have a set of race boots marked left and right so thats a start. Also we can put a map on the fuel tank to stop him coming in and asking for directions every other lap.

Looking forward to the TT and hope the animals and humans can all resolve the nagging problems before we head off down Bray Hill,

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