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 Bushy's Boss Wants Descision

Bush's Brewery boss Martin Brunnschweiler is urging TT organisers to make a decision on this year's event as soon as possible. He said he has to assume the TT is going ahead but for every day no decision is made he is spending more cash.

'We have a lot to lose if the TT doesn't go ahead,' he said, 'but by the same token I would rather have a quick decision now rather than it being called off much closer to the event.' He said a lot of organisation has to take place a couple of months in advance, including brewing more beer. He said: 'A late decision is the last thing we want.

We have started making a little more beer now and if the decision is in the balance we'll have to keep brewing more beer in case it does go ahead. 'We are due to step up beer production next week and we have other people, such as those who make the T-shirts and other memorabilia, screaming for deposits.

'We also order thousands of plastic glasses and they'll want an order very soon. 'But there is the potential for losing quite a lot of money.' The brewery is behind the successful tent at the Bottleneck car park which is the central attraction during the TT events on Douglas promenade.

But he believes visitors may still come over regardless because they have already booked a holiday here. He said: 'If the racing is called off we may still have an influx of bikers over and we have to think about that possibility.' Kevin O'Brien, resident director of the Hilton Hotel and Casino, Douglas, said there are still plans to put on entertainment if the TT is cancelled.

He said: 'From a hotel casino point of view it will have a severe impact on us if it doesn't go ahead although there has been feedback that possibly people who have already booked will still come. 'Working at this moment at this kind of outlook we are still intending to put on entertainment during the TT fortnight.'

He added: 'We have a 75 per cent entertainment plan in place should there be a change for the worse. If it does go ahead we will be going full throttle as usual.'

Meanwhile commentator Peter Kneale, known as the voice of the TT, said: 'I think it is in the hands of the people who know.
I am sure they will make the correct decision at the right time.' Roger Hurst, chairman of the TT Marshals' Association, said it is continuing to plan as though the TT is going ahead. He said: 'We are saying watch this space. People are committed to come over anyway. I would say it is a difficult decision whoever has got to make it. God forbid if we got foot-and-mouth, it would be devastating. 'Riders from New Zealand and America don't know whether to crate their bikes to send them over. 'We are still planning as though the TT is going ahead.'

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