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 TT Decision - The Reaction

In all the euphoria surrounding the TT cancellation the most important aspect of the event seems to have been missed - the riders and sponsors. We caught up with some of the current riders and sponsors to find out their views on the cancellation.

John Shand
Team Boss and entrant

We wish to announce that we respect the wishes of the Isle of Man Parliament in cancelling the TT. We know full well that this was not taken lightly given the investment in the event by both competitors and spectators alike. In addition we sincerely trust there is no backlash against the decision and that all motorcyclists from all countries can show mature behaviour over the choice the Island's people have made.

Those of us who have made some sort of financial loss in the process, must face it and look to the future. We shall be now preparing for the next TT in 2002 with renewed vigour. Our team are pure TT fans and we can be found on the starting line as long as we are able make it.

Glen English
TT star and Manx Grand Prix Winner

Basically, I think it is the right decision really. I'm all for it to be honest with you because if we were all to go over there and have a great time, and even for someone that wins, to get home and se pictures in the paper of all the animals being slaughtered, it would be a bit rough really.
It's only a race.
Don't get me wrong, it is a shame and there are sponsors like Martin Bullock who have put great expense into it, and I feel for them, but you have to do whatever is best for the Island.

Mike Kelly
Sponsor of many riders including Ian Lougher and Nigel Bish

Obviously we're disappointed that the TT has been cancelled completely, particularly as we had a good line-up of riders and were all prepared bike-wise. However, as John Shand says, Shit Happens, and one has to be philosophical about these things; it's not the end of the world.

On reflection, it's probably the right decision, although it could have been made sooner. We'll be talking to the riders over the next couple of days to see what can be salvaged from the situation for this season, and starting to plan our TT 2002.

Ian Lougher
TT winner and professional Road Racer

Well it's my livelihood you know. It's only been recently when I have been thinking to myself about the TT, The North West etc, etc, how much they actually mean to you especially when you can't go there and do them.

It's not just a financial thing; it's down to how much I actually like doing them. It's nice to have the opportunity to say no I'm not going (laughs) but you don't really realise what you have until it's not there really. I have some meetings to ride at, including some in Europe but the TT and North West really is my livelihood.

Barry Wood
Local star and Manx Grand Prix winner

I'm very happy this has happened. Obviously it has always been unthinkable that the TT wouldn't be on, but my thoughts have always been towards the fact that no one has consulted the riders concerning this.

There are a lot of riders who haven't sat on a bike since last year, and they would be expected to go out there at the Governments call, and try and be up to pace very quickly with no road racing taking place anywhere else so far. I think this would have been very, very dangerous, and with the accidents we had last year, I for one am relived I don't have to go and do that.

Everyone seems to have been so obsessed with money and politics that the riders were forgotten and we are the people who are spending through the nose and putting our lives at risk as we entertain the public.

Obviously, I'm sad it's off and the Classic races too, but I think it was the right decision. It might be worse for others too, because I have the Manx to look to now, where as others don't.

Martin Bullock
Local sponsor for Milky Quayle

I totally agree with the decision. The Government could only run the TT with the goodwill of everyone, which includes the farmers, and because there is so much farmland adjoining the circuit, they simply can't run it. They have had no choice.

Obviously we are very disappointed because we felt that this year we were better prepared than last year for the TT. Milky is riding so well and with the machinery we have got this year we were expecting some really good results, but there's always next year. This doesn't help Milky, but for the team we have the Manx Grand Prix to concentrate on now, and we will be putting our maximum effort into that.

My sympathy is with the Government, because they had to make a decision that nobody wanted to make. Let's just hope the situation sorts itself out in the UK, and we can get the Manx in.

Ryan Farquhar
Senior Manx Grand Prix winner

I'm gutted. You know that the TT was my aim for this year, and it's been bad enough with the North West, Cookstown and Tandragee being called off but if we had got the TT and say the Southern 100 in; maybe it wouldn't have been so bad. I've trained so hard through the year and now I don't know if I can be motivated enough to continue with it. I said to Karen just now that we might just get a couple of bottles of wine in. It's bad form but it's the same for everybody.

Seamus Greene
Manx Grand Prix winner

It's an awful situation to be in now, and I know a lot of the fans and many of the people that use your message board are going to be gutted.

The riders are gutted as well because it's the highlight of the year and for some the highlight of their life. For me, I've given up work this year to go racing and my big aims were the North West, the TT and the Manx so at least I still have the Manx left and I was only going to do one TT race anyway, but it's a real big shame.

People like Ian Lougher, Adrian Archibald and Richard Britton who have a lot of money riding on it and have a lot of machinery; I really feel for them.

Richard Britton
North West 200 winner and current TT star

I was really pissed off with the North West being off and all the wee Road Races being off, so by that time I was almost feeling like I couldn't be bothered going to the TT because we haven't had any road practice in.

I understand that the farmers don't want foot and mouth there, but people are still going and it only takes one person to carry it. It could even be there before the TT. I'm disappointed for my sponsor, Patsy, because he has put so much money into the year for me.

Winston McAdoo
Sponsor of Ryan Farquhar

Devastated. Truthfully, I can't believe it. The TT was supposed to be the highlight of our year. I can't get it into my head. It seems to be a bit of a contradiction with the Manx Government inviting people still to travel to the Island during that period. They can still bring it with them.

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