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Comment on the cancellation From Iain Duffus (V&M Yamaha)

The TT as a race meeting has now been officially cancelled what are your feelings?
"Well obviously I am disappointed to say the least, we have all been sitting holding our breath, hoping for a positive decision, the longer it was being held off the better the outcome I myself had hoped.

I do not think the outcome is a fair one, but as a rider no one had really asked our thoughts.

In saying that I would imagine that there would still be thousands who will embark on a trip to the Isle of Man, so if the Tourist Board want us over in some capacity, I am sure we could look at that. The biggest problem I face is that we (V&M) have a garage full of bikes ready to go with all the preparation in place, in what the team and myself is the most important meeting of the year. I really am gutted, as the event is my personal highlight of the year".

How will this affect your race plans now?
"Well as you know my whole involvement with the team was built around the core of events, like the North West and the TT.

I have been competing in the British Superstock series, with Snetterton being my next round, but it was going to be after the NW and the TT before we had a look at what I would be doing for the rest of the year.

My season could be effectively over, but you have to look on the bright side !!!!!!.

As a professional rider, you are insured against injury, but you can not insure against something like this happening. The TT as a meeting makes up 50% of my income, and for a rider like Dave (David Jefferies) it is more like his total income".

There was some talk of riders like your-self who support the event should in some way be compensated, as top line participants continue to add credibility to the event.
"That is the first I have heard about this, I don't think I will hold my breath on this one, though it is a positive suggestion".

Have you a message for all your fans ?
"Yeah sure, I am gutted for them also, many will have booked their holidays for the races, and will end up going over anyway, but with no racing to watch. Really disappointed for them".

Well Iain it has been a pleasure talking to you, I hope we will at least see you at one of the Scottish Meetings this year, be it racing or in your Pirelli/Metzeler role as Scottish race sponsor.
"I hope to get to one of the rounds, as the race scene in Scotland sees to be on the up, nice to have the full grids in the Regal/Pirelli Proddy series and of course the Cupar/Metzeler 400 series".

All the Best for the rest of the year

Cheers, anytime.

'Iain Duffus was speaking to John McComisky'

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