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 An American View

Dwight Mitchell

With the TT now called off, many people have to contimplate cancelling their trip to the Island. For some people this trip would have been an expensive, long distance one, and for a competitor, it would be even more expensive.

Dwight Mitchell is a competitor from America who has to face this problem. Here are his thoughts on the cancellation.

I think it was the right thing to do. I think the decision could have been made much sooner and saved people money. I also read the complete statement of the Tynwald Chairman to the President. So I understand the issue from their side also. I'm not happy, but I understand.

Not to be a smart ass or anything like that, but I and number of people have spent thousands upon thousands of dollars in preparation for this event.

How should I feel about not being able to recoup any of the money I spent. Right now I'm down over $15,000 dollars, and I have sponsor commitments.

Well I guess we all have to look forward to TT 2002.

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