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 Manx Airlines Reveals its TT Policy

Manx Airlines has announced its TT cancellation policy in the wake of the decision. Passengers will be offered one of four options:

1: Passengers still wishing to travel during the TT period may do so.

2: Passengers may transfer their flights at no extra cost to the TT period next year after September 1 this year.

3: Passengers can rebook their flights to travel another time before the end of this year.

4: Passengers can rebook now to travel later in the year if they already know the dates they wish to travel.

5: Passengers wishing to cancel their reservation will get a 50% refund in the form of a travel voucher valid for one year.

The policy contrasts with that of the Steam Packet Company which has offered four options to its passengers:

1: Passengers can still travel as normal subject to changes in sailings.

2: Passengers can transfer tickets to travel to TT next year at no extra cost.

3: Passengers can still travel this year using credit from booked tickets.

4: Passengers can be refunded their cash, minus a 10 per cent cancellation fee.

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