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 Island Firmly in Media Spotlight

Government staff and politicians found themselves in the midst of a media scrum after they announced TT was the latest casualty to foot and mouth disease. Within minutes of the decision being made the government's phones were buzzing with questions from journalists.

Alistair Ramsay, the government's press officer, said dozens of press releases were being sent out to make sure the cancellation message reached bikers around the world.

At a press conference in the Sea Terminal held immediately after the decision was announced, ministers and top civil servants found themselves besieged by camera crews, radio reporters and newspaper journalists.

Among the throng waiting to interview chief minister Donald Gelling, tourism minister David Cretney and agriculture minister Alex Downie were BBC Radio 5 Live, Radio 1, Granada News, Border News, BBC News 24, The Times and others.

Daphne Caine, press officer for the Department of Tourism and Leisure, said she had fielded dozens of calls from off-Island media all desperate to know the latest news on the festival.

Tourism Chief Executive Terry Toohey had also been taking phone calls and giving interviews for most of the day. Chief Minister Donald Gelling revealed he'd been getting attention of a different kind after a top biking magazine published his email address: and invited its readers to share their views with him.

He said: 'There has been an enormous amount of interest and people from around the world have been emailing me. 'The interesting thing is that there was no consensus over what decision should have been made.'

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