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 ACU Saddened by Cancellation

The Auto-Cycle Union is 'saddened' by the government's decision to cancel the TT.
A statement to fans and riders on its website said: 'The TT coordinating committee and the road race committee are saddened by the decision but we have to bow to other considerations in this regard.

'Our greatest sympathy is extended to all those who intended to compete and those who are sponsors and all the back-up teams involved. We sincerely hope that the trust and support will remain for next year and look forward to a better year in 2002.'

The organisation will refund entry fees, it says.

Leading road racer David Jefferies could miss out on £60,000 in winnings and appearance money because of the cancellation, while local sidecar hero Dave Molyneux could be out of pocket by as much as £40,000.

Although the cancellation will have a detrimental effect on the Island this year many people believe that fans and riders will return in 2002 because of the TT's sheer popularity and importance as the world's leading road racing event.

Chief Minister Donald Gelling hopes next year's festival will be better than ever and added that the tourism industry will receive support.

He said: 'Our priority now must be to help this important sector at this difficult time and to ask the fans to look forward to a special festival in 2002.'

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