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 Broadcaster's Disapointed

Broadcasters have expressed their sadness at the loss of this year's TT, a TV boss has revealed. David Beynon, of Greenlight Television, which films the event and provides coverage for stations across the world, said the company is confident that TT television programming will continue to be in demand in the long term.

Mr Beynon said: 'We are of course saddened by the cancellation of the TT although we understand the reasons and sympathise with government, which had to decide between two options that were both difficult and unpleasant.

'We also appreciate the efforts of David Cretney (Tourism and Leisure Minister), who did everything in his power to salvage the races and subsequently put as much energy again into creating a rescue package for the festival and the businesses affected by this decision.

'Over the past six years Greenlight has invested a considerable amount of time, energy and, of course money, into building the television coverage of the TT and now it enjoys a massive worldwide audience.

'TT fans all around the world will be disappointed by its absence this year, and many broadcasters have already expressed their sadness at the loss of one of their favourite events.

'All of them are eager to see it return next year and we are confident that in the long term the TT television programming we make will continue to be in demand.

'In the short term it does of course mean loss of revenue for Greenlight, in the same way as it does for many hundreds of Island businesses, but we are lucky enough to have other work, off Island and outside the UK, so we obviously won't be affected as badly as some people and businesses.'

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