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 TT Fan's Ashes Scattered at Shrine to Mike Hailwood

The dying wish of a TT fanatic was fulfilled when his best friend scattered his ashes at the Mike Hailwood memorial last week. Alex Hunt, 70, of Ballylongford in Kerry, died on April 23 from cancer.

He had visited the Island every year for 40 years for the TT and Manx Grand Prix.

His friend of over 30 years, Peter George, 51, made the journey from Ireland to the Isle of Man to carry out his last request.

'The Isle of Man was the love of his life, it was his last wish,' explained Mr George.

Mr Hunt was a mechanic with Rose Racing and its team manager/racer, Graham Rose, for many years and he spent a lot of time in the pits at the TT grandstand.

He was also a former member of the Royal Air Force and Mr Hunt described his friend as a 'very educated man'. 'There wasn't a subject he didn't know about and he'd travelled most of the world,' he added.

But, along with his love of bikes, there is another thing Mr Hunt will be remembered for. 'He was well known within the biking world but he was quite well known for his dancing,' said Mr George.

In fact, Mr Hunt was so well known for his nimble footwork, that when Mr George travelled around the Island visiting his friend's old haunts to let people know he had passed away, many recalled him as 'the dancer'.

Mr George chose the Mike Hailwood memorial for Mr Hunt's final resting place because heknew the racing legend from his days at the grandstand. 'He was his idol,' he said.

Mr George travelled to Hailwood Rise on the Mountain Road on Tuesday to scatter the ashes with Mr Hunt's friend Lucy Jones, 74. 'He used to stay with me at my guest house, St Anthony's in Peel Road, Douglas, for 16 years. Once I let it go and moved to Dove's Croft four years ago, he still came to stay with me when he came over.

He was a thoroughbred as a biker,' said Lucy. Mr George, his wife Janet and Mr Hunt all lived together on a small farm until Mr Hunt's death. The farm also housed Mr Hunt's collection of seven Ducati race motorbikes - one of which used to belong to legend Hailwood - and they are now in Mr George's care.

Mr George said of the farm: 'It's called Desmo Cottage after a type of Ducati diometic valve! He was a true fan.'

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