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 Bushy's Plan for Damage Limitation Festival

Bushy's Brewery has been given licensing court permission to operate its beer tent on Douglas promenade during the festival. Bushy's boss Martin Brunnschweiler said he would run the marquee between May 30-June 8 despite the fact the races are not going ahead.

He described the fortnight in court as the 'The 2001 TT Damage Limitation Festival' and added that he had been told to expect 12,000 bikers. Mr Brunnschweiler said his description of the festival was something he thought of 'off the top of my head' but added the phrase won't be used on merchandise, although humorous T-shirts will be printed making reference about the foot-and-mouth situation.

The News of the World ran a Bushy's competition last week when it gave away five crates of Piston Brew.

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