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 Hoteliers Get £22.50 a Night for Empty Beds

Measures to offset the impact of the TT's cancellation on the tourism industry have been outlined by Treasury Minister Richard Corkill. He revealed in Tynwald that hotels and guesthouses will be able to claim £22.50 for every empty bed space for every night of the TT fortnight under the tourist accommodation support fund scheme.

Mr Corkill also announced a moratorium on VAT debts in severe cases will be considered and deferral of water rates. Interest and capital payments on government tourist loans are suspended for this year and a scheme offering assistance to businesses facing closure because of the TT cancellation will be presented to Tynwald next month, Mr Corkill said.

'These measures are based on the principle of seeking to maintain strategic tourist-related businesses in existence to enable the sector to regroup and to provide sufficient bed spaces in future years to allow the sector to develop,' he said.

'I believe this package of measures provides tangible, speedy and timely assistance while acknowledging the need to consider longer term implications of the cancellation of the 2001 TT races. I believe it is a package which will go a long way to meeting the concerns of the tourist sector while taking a measured political judgement in relation to the appropriate use of public money.'

The tourist accommodation support fund scheme, which assumes all accommodation providers would have 100 per cent occupancy for the full 14-day period, will also pay out £15 per empty bed space in self-catering units, £3 for hostels and £2 per pitch for campsites.

He added Tourism and Leisure Minister David Cretney is discussing local authority rates with the local authorities and the DTL will meet the cost of advertising in next year's tourist guide.

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