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 Manxie sets up TT merchanise Company in Canada

A former Island resident has taken his love of the TT with him to Canada and set up a successful company selling racing and Joey Dunlop merchandise. Ron Paradise, who used to live in Friary Park, Ballabeg, is the president and director of sales and marketing of Infront Racing Apparel.

The company designs and makes motor racing clothing and has been granted the sole licence to print clothing with graphics of Joey.

A portion of the profits generated by the company will go to charities once supported by Joey and now his widow Linda. Ron and girlfriend Ingrid live in Victoria, Vancouver Island, and are in contact with Linda and her family. The fledgling company has been in business nine months and sells goods including T-shirts and bike accessories. Ron explained: 'I originally thought of running a business of this nature several years ago and then, by chance in June last year, I met Ingrid who has outstanding abilities in computers and website designing.

'After long discussions and many, many hours of work we formed a partnership and entered our first motorcycle show in September. 'We now have five major motorcycle dealers who are our distributors with more showing interest and in the coming months we will be more diversified with the type of products we sell.'

Ron is disappointed the TT is not going ahead but understands the government's decision. He said: 'As a former resident of the Isle of Man I fully understand how hard it must have been for the Manx Government to make a final decision regarding holding the TT, obviously it will affect those involved with tourism, hotels, etc which has a spiralling effect.

'I am sure most motorcycle enthusiasts, not to mention competitors, were devastated on hearing the races had been cancelled.'

Ron can be contacted at

Infront Racing Apparel,
510 Gore Street,
Victoria, BC,
Canada, V9A 5E4.

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