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 Dance Night Cancelled

TOMORROW'S dance night at the Villa Marina has been cancelled because of poor ticket sales. The event, which would have seen world-famous DJ Tall Paul join Andy Mansan, was part of Life Promotions's Double Life TT event.

The second night will still go ahead on Friday, June 8, with DJs Matt Hardwick and Dean Wilson. Jason Lowe of Life has blamed the poor ticket sales - just 600 so far of a possible 3,000 for the two nights - on a lack of TT visitors, good sales for Saturday's Fun Lovin' Criminals gig at the Villa and the fact that the first dance night would have been on a week-night, making it difficult for local workers to attend.

The Villa is offering full refunds, half refunds to allow clubbers to go to the June 8 event and exchanges for two June 8 tickets. New tickets for the June 8 night are still available from En Fin in Douglas.

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