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 Police Continue With Patrol

The number of dedicated police patrols over the TT festival period will at least match those of previous years - even though there is a huge drop in the number of visitors. Police have decided to continue with high visibility patrolling as they fear the risk factor of accidents could increase owing to the cancellation of the races.

The head of operations, acting Chief Inspector Dave Bell, said: 'Since the notification that racing was cancelled we have kept a close eye on the expected arrival figures and considered the risks accordingly. At first sight of the expected arrivals it was tempting to reduce our traffic patrols. However, we haven't done this.

'The fact is that the reduction in volume will leave more open space on our roads. Add to this the extra hours available without road closures and the risk factor could increase. 'As usual we will be policing in our normal friendly manner, but giving out some very strong messages with regard to road safety.

'We, like everyone else, enjoy the TT period, but we will not see lives ruined by inconsiderate and dangerous behaviour on the roads.' Inspector Carolyn Kinrade, head of the force operational support unit, said: 'We will be doing things slightly differently this year.

'Our usual high-visibility patrolling of the TT course and other areas of the Island with the emphasis on accident reduction will continue. We also have plans to speak with the travelling public whenever the opportunity presents itself, such as outside public houses and in the designated stopping areas, to drive home our road safety messages. Keeping an eye on restricted areas will also be a big part of what we are doing.'

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