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 Van a Smash, Then He's Gone!

Van Morrison Wearing his trademark outfit of sunglasses, hat and suit, Van Morrison walked onto the stage 10 minutes early and left in an almighty rush. The Irish singer songwriter started his set at 6.50pm, baffling some of the late arrivals among the 6,200-strong crowd.
However, he did proceed to give the fans - who had paid as much as £22.50 for a ticket - a hint of why he is considered a music legend, playing some of his greatest songs from the past 30 years.
Back on Top, the title track of his 1999 studio release, and Goin' Down Geneva from the same album, were well received, but it was the upbeat favourites Bright Side of The Road and Jackie Wilson Said which really gave the crowd something to smile about. Many people may have found it strange that such timeless songs couldn't even muster a smirk on Mr Morrison's face.

He showed no emotion during the entire set. During instrumental breaks he stared straight out into the audience making the fans wonder if he really wanted to be there, and only those who have seen him in concert before would realise this is how he usually is.

He always appears to be a bit grumpy (although on occasions he has been known to utter a few words to the crowd, something he didn't do at this concert) but that's as much a part of his image as his hat and glasses.

His band was excellent throughout and they turned Moondance - to which Van mumbled some of the lyrics - into something memorable, and the Them classic Please Baby Don't Go, was also a highlight.

Of course the crowd's favourite was his rendition of Brown-Eyed Girl, which was followed by the closing song Gloria, another Them classic. And then he was gone and he didn't come back on.

After just one hour and 20 minutes it was all over and Van rushed to Ronaldsway to get a flight straight out of the Island. One firm favourite he chose not to play was Here Comes The Night.

But it would hardly have been appropriate seeing that the show was over disappointingly early at 8.10pm.

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