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 Strippers Warned Over Red-Hot Act

Strippers entertaining TT fans at Studebakers nightclub were told to cool down their act after punters were left hot under the collar. Undercover police officers visited the club on Tuesday night after the dancers spiced up their act on Monday.

Studebakers' general manager Andy Kendle said he was happy with the strippers' performances on Friday, Saturday and Sunday nights. But he explained that Monday was his night off and when he returned to work on Tuesday he was informed by staff and customers that the strippers had turned up the heat a few degrees.

Mr Kendle said: 'The girls had taken it upon themselves on my day off to go a bit raunchier. 'When I came in the next day I found out through staff and customers and I took a decision that it was going to stop. 'I spoke to the manager of the group and they toned their act down. It was never our intention to put on a show that would offend anyone.'

Mr Kendle said police had visited on Tuesday night and were satisfied with the action he'd taken. In addition to toning down the stage act, Mr Kendle also ordered screens, put up to allow private lap dances, to be taken down. He explained the screens were there for punters who wanted to pay £10 for a private dance.

Mr Kendle said the screens weren't removed through fears of what might have been going on behind them, but because he felt there was no point in hiding what was going on. He added: 'In fairness to the group they are very professional. They put on a good show and I am not disappointed with the business they brought in. But it is just like everything - if you leave it to its own devices it can get out of hand.'

Police confirmed they sent undercover officers to a premises. Acting Chief Inspector Dave Bell said officers had responded to complaints, but refused to comment on which establishment they had visited.

He said: 'We have received a very small number of reports regarding what some people consider to be obscene acts taking place. 'We have monitored them and we have spoken to the management of a premises and made certain suggestions to them about what was happening there.

'They have been fully supportive of what we suggested to them and the matter will not be taken any further at this stage.'

Mr Bell said the reports had been about the stage show itself and revealed police have had no complaints about the use of cubicles. He explained: 'I have heard that lap dancing is going on in cubicles but it is not anything that we have been investigating.'

He added: 'If is fair to say that when these (stripper) shows are on we do monitor them as a matter of course. 'There are obscenity laws in the Isle of Man and although certain things are perhaps considered more acceptable these days, we do monitor them.'

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