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 Minister Takes Kiwi For A Ride

A bike fan from New Zealand was treated to a special tour around the TT course from none other than Tourism and Leisure Minister David Cretney. Bob Reynolds was holidaying in Ireland and the UK with his wife and decided he couldn't let the opportunity of spending a day in the Island pass him by, especially during TT week.

He wrote to Mr Cretney appealing for help in his search for a bike he could borrow for the afternoon to do a lap of the course. 'To come all this way and not have a chance to go around the circuit on two wheels seems almost criminal,' wrote Mr Reynolds.

But he had no luck in finding a bike for hire, so asked Mr Cretney if he knew anyone who would take him around the circuit on the back of their own bike. Mr Cretney, an avid bike fan, couldn't resist the temptation and took Mr Reynolds for a spin himself. But his own bike is a one-seater so Mr Cretney had to borrow a machine.

In the end, Mr Cretney and Mr Reynolds hit the road on a two-seater Honda CBR 600 borrowed from Mayor of Douglas Stephen Pitts. Mr Pitts' bike had a busy week - it had already been borrowed earlier in the week by six-times TT winner Jim Redman.

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