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 More Purple Helmet Madness at Onchan

Any suggestions that the Purple Helmets 'Big One' at Onchan Stadium on the Wednesday evening of TT Week would be called off due to incessant rainfall were never even considered.
Having re-emerged from the ashes of a devastating fire which destroyed most of their props and trusty Honda 90s just a few weeks earlier, nothing was to stand in the way of the poker-faced madhatters.
The added distraction of an England v Greece World Cup qualifier on the box failed to put off the keenest of Purple Helmets fans, and both the main stands were packed to capacity as the bedraggled troupe strutted their inimitable stuff. They'd promised nothing new in the two-hour-plus programme of hilarity and mayhem - 'Just the same old tripe!' - but no one cared a jot.

The unavoidable lake of water at the laundry end of the perimeter track simply added to the fun. The wheelie-bin race was more like a Jet-bike event while Skid Marks - the amazing tarmac skier - ended up wearing a drench coat rather than trench coat. Support act Matt Coulter - otherwise known as the Kangaroo Kid - struggled with parts of his performance in the saturated conditions, but his finale of jumps over the Paramount City van and line-up of Purple Helmets was quite breathtaking.

If you missed the Helmets last week, there is another opportunity to see them at large in a special Motorcycle Gymkhana at the same venue next Thursday (June 21) being organised as part of the 50th anniversary of the Onchan Park Stadium. Also performing will be world trials stars Dougie Lampkin and Steve Colley, together with British Superbike ace Steve Hislop and speed demon George Shuttleworth in the Alternative TT.
The evening starts at 7.45.

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