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 Grand Slam for Chris Stokes

Ramsey's Chris Stokes completed the first ever grand slam of all the Island's beach-cross events with victory in the Peveril MCC's event at Douglas on Thursday of TT Race Week.

In the final major attraction of the 2001 TT Festival, Stokes and all the other 60-odd riders put on an excellent show for a huge crowd of spectators on Central Promenade.
Having already laid claim to the Peel event four days earlier, plus two other beach-crosses at Port Erin and Ramsey in the weeks leading up to the TT, Stokes proved once and for all to be the undisputed king of the beach on his 426 Yamaha. He and Juan Knight were always the main protagonists, but whilst Stokes won the first race and Knight the second it again came down to starting problems with the big KTM in the decider.

Stokes led the first race all the way from his rival, and set out in an equally determined fashion in the second one only to be reeled in and overtaken by Knight, who appeared quicker in the softer sand and over the three man-made jumps. The deciding race saw another thrilling encounter until the pair came up against back markers at mid-distance and Knight hit the back of one rider's machine.

The motor of the big 520 KTM stalled and without the luxury of an electric start Knight was unable to coax it back into life. This left Stokes with a clear lead - eventually taking the overall honours by a long chalk from John McCanney and Michael Kelly. McCanney had his 350 Yamaha flat-out for much of the way, but he was unable to make any serious impression on the big four-strokes of Stokes and Knight.

Gareth Quayle, Graeme Saunders and Colin Dentith rounded off the top six in front of veteran campaigner Sean Skillicorn, who scored an impressive third in one race on his recently acquired 520 KTM (this one fitted with an electric starter). Tim Dedman won the B Group by a narrow three point margin from Robert Casement after what was another final race decided on a stalled motor. This time, Casey's 426 Yam was reluctant to re-ignite after he and rival Dedman had a slight coming together and both toppled over.

Gary Kelly was a good third in front of Ian Lees, Andrew Bass, Neil Kerruish and James Graham - all seven Yamaha mounted. The C Group proved a Suzuki domain. Malcolm Crellin came out top on his RM250 with brother Martin fourth on a similar mount. Allen Bowker slotted his 300 KTM into second spot ahead of the DRZ400 of Mike Kerruish in third.

Astride his brand new 125 KTM, William Keenan dominated the schoolboys in front of budding trials star Jamie Teare and the leading 80 of Mark Cringle. The best of the smaller 65s was Daniel McCanney in fifth place overall.

Chris Stokes rides the delayed first round of the British motocross championships at Wakes Colne near Halstead on Sunday.


Group A:
1, Chris Stokes (Yamaha 426) total points 132; 2, John McCanney (Yam 250) 122; 3, Michael Kelly (Honda 250) 114; 4, Gareth Quayle (Yam 250) 107; 5, Graeme Saunders (Yam 250) 106; 6, Colin Dentith (KTM 520) 104; 7, Sean Skillicorn (KTM 520) 103; 8, Simon Bottomley (Yam 125) 95; 9, Karl Waggett (Yam 250) 89; 10, Juan Knight (KTM 520) 87; 11, Peter Wynne (Yam 250) 84; 12, Scott Williams (KTM 520) 82; 13=, Paul Smyth (Yam 426) & Steve Ascroft (Kawasaki 500) 80; 15, Mark Barker (Yam 426) 64; 16, Gordon Rice (Yam 426) 58.

Group B:
1, Tim Dedman (Yam 250) 123; 2, Robert Casement (Yam 426) 120; 3, Gary Kelly (Yam 250) 111; 4=, Ian Lees (Yam 426) & Andrew Bass (Yam 125) 107; 6, Neil Kerruish (Yam 400) 105; 7, James Graham (Yam 250) 102; 8, Michael Whittaker (Suzuki 250) 100; 9, Anthony Bridson (400 Yam) 97; 10, Malcolm Stoddart (KTM 300) 90; 11, Malcolm Kirk (Yam 250) 85; 12, Rob Boyles (Honda 250) 76; 13, Nigel Beaumont (Suzuki 250) 34; 14, Kevin Blackley (Kawasaki 250).

Group C:
1, Malcolm Crellin (Suzuki 250) 132; 2, Allen Bowker (KTM 300) 125; 3=, Mike Kerruish (Suz 400) & Martin Crellin (Suz 250) 111; 5, Chris O'Hanlon (Yam 125) 104; 6, Sam Smith (Yam 400) 102; 7, Callum O'Shea (Yam 250) 96; 8, Michael Jackson (Suz 125) 90; 9, Jonathan Watts (Suz 250) 83; 10=, Juan Killip (Yam 250) & Timmy Magee (Yam 125) 78; 12, Lee Kaniewski (Suz 250) 73; 13, Nathan Cafearo (Hon 250) 65; 14, Mike Stevens (Yam 400) 64; 15, Stuart Storie (Suz 250) 61; 16, Martin Kelly (Hon 250) 58; 17, Dave Collis (Kaw 250) 56; 18, Stuart Duncan (Hon 250) 49; 19, James Graham (Yam 250) 38; 20, Kelvin Potter (Hon 250) 35; 21=, Harvey Wood (Yam 250) & Oliver Lavery (Hon 250) 34; 23, Richard Hulme (Yam 400) 25.

1, William Keenan (KTM 125) 132; 2, Jamie Teare (Yam 125) 129; 3, Mark Cringle (Honda 80) 114; 4, Gavin Hunt (Suz 125) 112; 5, Daniel McCanney (Kaw 65) 110; 6, Daniel Kneen 108; 7, Dayle Collister (Kaw 65) 102; 8, Ian Skillicorn (Kaw 65) 100.

By John Watterson - Courtesy of Isle of Man Newspapers

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