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 Isle of Man Motorcycle World Challenge

Mike Perry
Night Patrol Guard for Securicor (Isle of Man) Mike Perry, is organising a Round The World trip on motorcycles for selected riders, who will be chosen from applicants worldwide.

Here we bring you an introduction into what this challenge is all about. For more information on Mike and his adventure, please go to his own website (link below), and leave him a message of goodwill.

An extract from Mike's site

Motorcycling around the world is one of the ultimate adventure challenges.

To ride with Nick Sanders, one of the most radically experienced adventure motorcyclists in the world, has to be a key reason for participation.

The Motorcycle World Challenge is a unique opportunity for a small and carefully selected number of riders, male and female, chosen from applicants worldwide, to compete in this tremendous expedition. If you join up, it will be a one-off experience which will be remembered for the rest of your life. Immediately, you become a member of an finest few who can say quite categorically, "…I have motorcycled around the world…" and which biker wouldn’t want to be able to say that?

The Motorcycle World Challenge promises to be without equal in the world of adventure motorbiking. It will be a riding trial of huge endurance, requiring riding agility, mental stamina and team spirit. It will take you through some of the most astonishing riding territory known to man. It will be so much fun.

It is the intention of Nick and the organisation that every one gets around the world safely and successfully. No one will be left behind. Everyone will be in this together. This adventure promises each competitor a journey of potentially life changing possibilities and put simply, this challenge is the ultimate in it’s field.

Every rider that succeeds in biking around the world will have achieved the highest accolade adventure motorcycling can give, membership of that small elite club - that of Around the World Biker.

You can read more about Mike's adventure by going to his own website, which can be found on Isle of Man Motorcycle World Challenge

All of us at TTwebsite wish Mike well with this, and look forward to hearing more from him as his trip progresses.

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