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 Festival Concerts Fail to Break Even

The two big name concerts held during the TT Festival failed to break even it has been revealed. A staggering £168,000 was spent on the two concerts involving The Fun Lovin Criminals and Van Morrison, by the Isle of Man Government Department of Tourism and Leisure, but they have been left £8000 out of pocket.

The artist's fees made up the bulk of this amount. Between the two acts, they received a total of £96,623, but Isle of Man Minister for Tourism and Leisure said that client confidentiality prevented him from revealing how much was given to each act. However Irish legend, Van Morrison, who was criticised for his performance, is expected to have received the bulk of this sum.

Other costs included the hire and construction of the stage, lighting, special effects, PA system and other related items at a total of £46,000, security and staff at £15003, admin costs at £8252 and marketing at £1380. Ticket sales meanwhile recouped £160210 although Mr Cretney has stressed that these figures are provisional, because there are still some outstanding bills and the amounts are to be audited. This news is likely to anger race fans and local residents alike, who consider these amounts would have been better, spent on the racing and long term future of the TT races.

The Van Morrison concert in particular, which was billed as The Joey Dunlop Tribute Concert, will be most under the spotlight after the singer put on a lack lustre performance, and the Joey Dunlop Injured Riders Fund were shunned by security staff and the punters at the show. With a fee possibly in excess of £50,000, the Manx people and race fans alike, have every reason to be annoyed with the return provided by Van Morrison.

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