What is the Manx Government's future spending ?

Here are some figures as detailed in a recent edition of the Manx Indie.

£13.3 million on the transmission main for the Iris Scheme (sewage treatment) which will result in the railway being closed from Santon to Castletown during next year's summer season.
£3.7 million overspend on the construction cost of the new hospital, whilst the overall cost is going to be £111.7 million. (Anybody remember the original cost?)
£1.5 million to be spent at Jurby. Good news, until it was stated that it would be for an animal burial pit in case of F & M! This was actually thrown out of Tynwald this week (better late than never). Had this gone through there would have been no racing at Jurby for at least 5 years! Another thing they could be spending £9

Another thing they could be spending £9.5 million on, is restoring the pier in Ramsey. Plus, if that goes ahead, there will be a cost of £400,000 per year maintenance. How many people are going to use it, visit it, etc? Not many you would think. Where's this leading? In a year where there has been no racing on the Mountain circuit, have the powers that be taken the opportunity to do any major work on the course?

Work at May Hill was started around February time this year, it came to a stand still and is still not finished. (A good thing that the racing was called off perhaps !). From a reliable source, I have heard that the DOT is about 18 months behind schedule with their work.

The answer to the question is simply NO.

There has been no other major work undertaken on the course since May Hill was abandoned. It makes you wonder if the government think the TT circuit is worth improving, i.e. re-doing the surface from Ginger Hall to Ramsey is a good example. The government is going to spend approximately £1 million on moving fences etc. to ensure that racing goes ahead next year, but in reality the figure could come to 10 times that.

So, Spectators beware! There has been a lot of talk about making 2002 the best yet. Well let's see some improvements made all around to let people know that the TT is here to stay and that the government is fully behind it. There certainly seems enough money in the pot to spend on all other projects mentioned above, so let's have some thrown at what is the greatest motorcycle race in the world!!!

Any comments ???

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