TT 2002 - Clash with Snetterton Confirmed

The British Superbike organisers have advised the ACU that they have now confirmed their calendar for 2002 and that they have been unable to rearrange the date of the round at Snetterton.

The Minister for Tourism and Leisure, David Cretney, explained:

"When the ACU Chairman, Ted Bartlett and I met with Robert Fearnall of the British Superbike Organisation, we made a very strong case why such a clash of dates would be against the best interests of both events and, in particular, the manufacturers, competitors and trade who have traditionally been involved in both events. I am, therefore, very disappointed with the decision. Equally, I do not accept that the Snetterton date cannot be changed even at this stage and both the ACU and the Department will continue to make the strongest possible representations and will be urging our industry and trade partners to do likewise."

Final comment on the clash came from Mr Cretney, who added:

"If this clash of dates does go ahead I do not believe that it will damage the TT unduly - certainly we do not expect to see customers choosing to go to Snetterton rather than the TT. But it will be very annoying for the manufacturers, some riders and the trade, but unfortunately, British Superbike does not appear to care about that."

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