Stagefright Rock On at Bushy's

Dave, Richard, Carl & Tracy
If you are into Metallica, ZZ-Top, The Kinks, Ozzy Osborne, Black Sabbath or Nirvana, then you have got to get out to see these guys when they are on The Island.


The band is coming over to the Island at the end of May to play some gigs during the TT. You can catch them on -

Wednesday 29th May, at Bushy's Beer Tent in Douglas
Thursday 30th May, again at Bushy's Beer Tent in Douglas
Friday 31st May, at THe Falcons Nest Hotel, Port Erin £3.00 Admission
Satuday 1st June, again at Bushy's Beer Tent in Douglas

In the past Stagefright have supported bands such as Motorhead, Girlschool, & Saxon.

They play a combination of covers and their own material and some say THEY ROCK !

Visit their website Here

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