Jim Moodie's Reflections on the F1

Picture by Trevor Burgess
Jim Moodie's thoughts on yesterdays F1 race were always going to be interesting. As was reported on jimmoodie.info, the V&M team were having difficulties with setting up the Superbikes to get the best compromise around the Island.

Jim said the race was very physically demanding especially after losing the time I did on the first couple of laps. It's frustrating because we know this bike can run up front, but basically we probably went the wrong way and ran with too hard a set up.

The bike was okay at some parts of the circuit but it was a real struggle to keep control and use the power on the bumpy parts.

After the first couple of laps I decided to try and ride round the problem by trying as hard as I could at the parts of the circuit where the bike was handling well and hang on as best I could on the bumpy sections not to lose much time. I know I could have done better, but after the first pit stop I started to circulate with John McGuinness and he lapped the circuit 27 seconds faster than he has ever done before.

On the fourth lap Jim Moodie circulated at 124.9 mph, four seconds faster than John's best which begins to put a different perspective on Jim Moodie's efforts, especially in the last four laps.

Although David Jefferies had gear selector problems on the last lap it was in fact Moodie who posted the fastest time for final lap, posting a 124.8 mph lap. It's also interesting to note that Jim Moodie's race time was faster than David Jefferies ran at the last TT when he won and also broke the absolute lap record in the senior race.

Jim said there's no doubt the bike has the power and the speed and we're now working on changing the set up for the senior.

aA the Moodie site we can only agree with V&M boss Jack Valentine, who said "Mo-one outside of the top racers can really appreciate how difficult these bikes are to ride on the limit".

To read the full V&M release click here.

Tomorrow (monday) all attention will turn to the three lap production 1000 race.

All the best to Jim Moodie and the V&M team

Courtesy of Jim Moodie & Harvey Thompson

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