Jim Moodie's Junior 600 Win

The view that most people saw of Jim

Pic by Carol
Today Wednesday, Jim Moodie won the four lap Junior 600 race with a superb start to finish victory on board the immaculately prepared V&M Yamaha.

Jim is obviously happy with the result and he explained that conditions were good but not perfect as the track was about 95% dry.

Jim said "there were a few damp areas, but I made a really good start and immediately I was making inroads on David Jefferies. I made up ten seconds in five miles (Ballacraine) and I averaged 125mph from a standing start to that point. My first lap time from a standing start was 118.50 and I was getting signals that I was making good time. My second lap was 118.45 when I came in for fuel and then I put in a third lap of 119.30, by this time the track was getting better and I had a strong lead.

On the final lap flying lap I was hoping to have a real go at the lap record, but early in the lap the clutch started to give me some trouble so I tried to ride smooth, rolling it a little, short shifting not using the full rpm. I was still getting good signals though, +26 +25 +28 and finally plus 33 as I crossed the line with a final lap average of 118.50 mph.

The last thing I wanted was for DJ and others to go out, but I was riding well and making good time right from the off. Yes it was good and apart from the slight clutch problem the V&M Yamaha was perfect and was handling really well".

After today's races there was a short practice session for fridays senior and production 600 competitors. Jim had a lap on the superbike and said there are still a couple of things to do. He then completed a single lap on the production 600 and (unofficially) he lapped at 119.21.

Jim predicted earlier in the week that a 120mph lap on the production 600 bike could be possible, just possible. Jim said, "It would need to be perfect, the track, the weather…you know. It would be a tall order, but possible".

Well done Jim Moodie, 8 TT wins.

Courtesy of Harvey Thomson & Jim Moodie

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