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 MGP Fate Under Scrutiny

The fate of the Manx Grand Prix is set to dominate Tynwald question time. Onchan MHK and race commentator Geoff Cannell will ask Chief Minister Donald Gelling when he expects to decide whether the races in August will go ahead.

The TT races were cancelled amidst fears visiting fans would bring foot-and-mouth disease to the Island. The MGP could be scrapped too. Mr Cannell will also quiz Tourism and Leisure Minister David Cretney over an attack on Agriculture, Fisheries and Forestry Minister Alex Downie by hotel boss Chris Robertshaw.

The Sefton Hotel chief is a member of the DTL's marketing partnership. He led the lobby for the TT to go ahead. Douglas East MHK Brenda Cannell will ask Treasury Minister Richard Corkill what more help will be handed out to the tourist trade if the MGP is called off.

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