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 Star Riders Left Without MGP Rides

John Turner Local sponsor, John Turner, has withdrawn the two machines he owns, from this years Manx Grand Prix Races, leaving his two riders, Barry Wood and Jason Griffiths, without rides.

Turner sights the in decision on the possibility of the Manx Grand Prix going ahead, as the reason for withdrawing of his machines which placed seventh in the Classic Senior with Barry, and first in the Classic Junior with Jason, last time out.

There is no hard feelings between Turner and his two riders, both of which are fully behind his decision and are free to ride alternative machinery should it become available.
Barry Wood, himself a double Manx winner said 'I don't blame him-in fact I fully agree with him!'

'Who wants to spend thousands of pounds and put in scores of hours of work only to be told at the last minute," sorry lads, its all off"?' 'I've already played this waiting game with the TT'.

Turners decision is a real blow to the event should it go ahead, although it is understandable at the same time. We must keep everything crossed now, in a hope that this popular event does not become the latest victim of this awful epidemic.

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