The Dave Saville Fund Raising Night

The biking event of the weekend takes place at the Sulby Glen Hotel this Saturday in the shape of a fund raising event for The Manx Grand Prix Helicopter Fund with TT legend Dave Saville as the special guest.

This is Dave's first trip to the Island since his terrible accident, riding in the Manx Grand Prix Classic Race in 1993. His whole family were due to travel him, but due to his son being involved in an accident, he will now bravely make his first trip from home, without his family. His team of trained helpers will accompany him, and his parents will be joining him at the event.

He is really looking forward to his weekend, and is determined to make it, even though his family cannot attend. He is looking forward to meeting all his friends and making some new ones through the sport he loves, which has also been so cruel to him.

Also in attendance will be Robert Dunlop, who is a regular at the Sulby Glen evenings, plus numerous local riders. It is all due to kick off at around 7:30pm and there is lots in store with two marquees, live music, an auction, video shows, Bar B Q and lots more. Please do your best to try and make it, and support this worthy cause.

Should you require any further information, please contact Rosie Sayle at the
Sulby Glen Hotel on 01624 897240 or

See you there!

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