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  TT Website Interviews - Carolyn Sells

Russ Henley ex MGP Winner was out at Jurby for the Endurance Race on Sunday the 7th October and while there he took the opportunity to talk to Carolyn Sells, a member of the racing Sells family, which includes her father Dave and brother Rob. Russ caught Carolyn just before she was due out on the track.

Hi Carolyn, thanks for taking time out of your busy race day to do this interview.
That's ok Russ, fire away.

How did you first get into racing Carolyn, was it because of your dads involvement with it?
Yeah dad raced in the Vintage Classes for a while, and from memory he was doing it when I was about 5 years of age, also he does the Manx Grand Prix and that really got me into it.

When did you actually start racing yourself?
Well I first became personally involved around April 2000 , I did the race school at Jurby and I really enjoyed it. My first race however, was in fact the Endurance Race last year, when I competed in the 400 class on a TZ 250 with another female racer called Juliet Manning.

So how did you go in that meeting then?
Well we had a baptism of fire!! I was knocked off on the first corner of the first lap!!! But I managed to get back on, and after the scrutineers had checked the bike out, we carried on and eventually went on to finish 5th in the 400 class.

Your not kidding about a baptism of fire are you, first corner, first lap !!
So what bike do you currently race Carolyn?
Right now I have a 1991 HondaVFR 400 NC 30 which I campaign at most Jurby meetings, and I have just managed to get my last novice signature, so the orange jacket will be no more.

Are you going to try and get in any more meetings this year?
Absolutely, I intend to be at Cadwell Park next weekend ( 13th/14th) doing the ACU and New Era Championship, which will be my first UK race.

What are your plans for next year?
Really, I aim to concentrate on getting more signatures on my licence as an aim towards doing the Manx Grand Prix.

So a real interest in the Roads then eh?
Yes of course, the plan was for me to do the Manx before I was 27 but ah well, I'm over that now , mind you only just; and realistically I think that it will be 2003 before I will be truly ready for the Manx. It has been a lifelong ambition for me to race on the TT course.

What have been your best finishes?
My best position so far has been a 4th here at Jurby, I've also had 6th 8th and 9th places there, and they were in the 1300 open class.

Who are your heroes or role models?
Of course Joey is up there and also Hizzy, these are my two most favourite, although I really do admire any rider who has done the TT.

What is your favourite event?
The Manx Grand Prix without a doubt.

What has been your most favourite race that you have raced in?
It was the endurance last year at Jurby, - My First Race!! Even although I suffered the off at the first corner.

Do you have any sponsors yet?
Yeah, my dad runs Trikbitz here on the IOM and he is my main sponsor, and I also I get help from Gericke's at Preston (formerly Hein Gerickes) and also from Steve and Maureen Barratt of the Raven public house at Ballaugh. Many, many thanks to all of you.

Well Carolyn it looks like its nearly time for you to go and race in this years Jurby Endurance, so thanks again for setting this time aside to speak to ttwebsite and good luck for the future to you, from us all.

Russ Henley

Note: Carolyn managed a 10th place finish at Jurby in the Endurance Race, along with her racing partner Dave, her dad; in a day of extremely mixed weather.

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