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Yet Another Press Release

The daughter of succesful 70's rider Tommy Miller, Ross has been entranced by the sounds and smells of motorcycling, from the womb.

"I missed a total of three meetings in Scotland up until I was 19. The first was the day I was born, the second was when my mum's kitchen caught fire and the third was when I gave birth to my eldest son Grant.

My earliest memory is watching the guys roar past and thinking " Wow, I'm going to do that when I'm big".

The Background on Lisa Ross

Lisa has been kind enough to talk to us here at TTwebsite about her career ups and downs, and we are only too pleased to bring all of this to all of you out there, to show you just how dedicated and committed she really is.
Lisa in Her Finery

My dad Tommy Miller was a club racer in the 60's and 70's and always took me and my little sister Angie along to the racing. when he retired from racing, he went back and joined KDMC (Kirkcaldy and District Motor Club) to work behind the scenes, to put something back into the sport he loved so much.

After being brought up with the racing from such and early age, it was natural for me to join KDMC and I did every job from Assistant Race Secretary, Scruitineer, and marshal to SACU steward.

After the sudden passing away of my mother Carol in '95 at the age of forty four, (Who incidentally was the Scotland team manager for the Celtic match races and an SACU steward and FIM steward.) I realised that life was just far too short. So my husband and I (and our two son's Grant and Iain) put our house up for sale and spent the proceeds on an RS125 Honda.

With the support of my late friend and ex G.P. star Donny Robinson from Northern Ireland, I took the boy's on at their own game and was undefeated at Knockhill in the '98 season. I finished third in the Mellville club championship the same year.

Unfortunately I had a very bad accident while practising for the '99 season which left me out for the whole of that year. And because of the bad publicity that my accident caused, I lost a majority of my sponsors, it showed me that it was ok for companies to be associated with a woman in racing while she's getting good press, so long as she didn't fall off!

Also the death of my mentor and friend Donny at the North West 200 on the 13th of May '99, almost made me quit the sport for good, but I realised that Don would not have wanted me to pack it all in, so with the support of his family and my family, In the October of '99 I bought Paul Robinson's Supercup winning bike for the assault on the 2000 championship, but unfortunately I was not granted my licence until July of that year so the year was finished before it began really!

Lisa on Her New Bike.

I only raced in three events and had very little practice to get used to the new bike, but I enjoyed the season. It was nice to be back. I also have had a tremendous support from Paul Robinson and his Mechanics Davy, Raymond and Johnny, I think that without their help and support this year I would have retired for good. But seeing their level of commitment and professionalism after the death of Joey, Paul's uncle, it made me re-think what was going on and made me more determined to get my finger out and keep going.

I am hoping to compete in the Clubmans series in Northern Ireland this year to gain as much experience as I can, so I can come back to Scotland and really give the lads a run for their money

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Yip, This is Me !
Recently, I received an anonymous letter telling me I was a totally irresponsible parent. But guys who are dads ride, so why shouldn't a mum ?
It's the finances - or lack of them, that keep me awake at night. It cost me about £8,000 a season and we are down to our last few quid.

Most companies are run by blokes, so it's really difficult to find a sponsor. The attitude seems to be "Oh, go away girlie, and get back into the kitchen".

As a wife and mother, Lisa Ross can cook and clean with the best of them, she can also ride a motorbike like the devil himself.

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