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Lisa Takes Week-end Double at Knockhill

After all of the problems and difficulties that Lisa has suffered this year, she has come back after her recent injury to take both 125cc races at Knockhill this weekend (7th/8th July 2001).

Lisa being interviewed
Lisa with the TTwebsite logo on her bike, being interviewed after the first race.

I was so determined this weekend to do something positive and show that I had it in me to win, and I did it.

I am over the moon with the way the weekend turned out and have to say that it has been one of the most enjoyable weekends that I have ever had in my life.

Unfortunately the weather on the Saturday was just so bloody awful, there was fog that was so heavy, that they had to cancel the practice.

Sunday morning however turned out to be a great day, in more ways than one. The weather was good and I felt confident.

When we arrived at the track, much to my horror, the track was soaking wet, and it was teemin down. Anyway, I got my race face on and took ma baby out for a few laps to get the feel of the place again.

As my wrist had only been out of plaster for a couple of weeks I wasn't sure how it would hold out. It didn't feel too bad after my practice spin around the track, but by God did it give me gip later on.

Anyway, I kept my practice to just a couple of laps as I didn't want anybody knowing just how quick I could go, before the racing started.

A wee bit later the track was drying out except for a couple of places just where you want to crank the bike over. It was running across the tarmac, so too wet for slicks and not wet enough for full wets. Not having any intermediates I decided on wets and added a coupel of lbs to them to stiffen them up a bit.

In the first race, I got a great start from the front row and was in the lead for the first corner. I lost the back end going down Duffus dip due to the tyres being cold and opening the throttle a bit too early, I didn't loose the lead though! I think everyone behind must have sat up after seeing me loose it, then get it back again.

It was a three way fight every corner for the whole race between myself, Ron Thompson from Scotfibers and Michael Robertson. Unfortunately Ron lost the front end at the hairpin on the last lap making everyone gasp as it looked like we were all going down.

By all accounts it was a good race, I don't know 'cause I was looking in front all the time!

Me and Deek with "ma baby".

Once the high of winning had started to wear off, I got my head around winning the second race.

I sat in the dummy grid concentrating on the track, lines etc and that helped disperse the butterflies!

Again in the second race I got another good start and I just went for it, I knew that if I kept in front, I would win. This race was just as hard as the first with myself, Ron and Michael all fighting it out for the top spot.

I was getting good pit signals from my crew, Stewart and John, so I knew what was going on behind.

Wel into the race, my tyres were tearing up and it was like riding on marbles, but I knew I had it in the bag. I can tell you I was really pleased to see the chequered flag and to know my race was finished.

Over The Line And It's Mine

Without a doubt this has been the best racing weekend I have ever had. I'm still emotional thinking about it now! I could never have done it without the help of my Hubby Deek, Jack Milton, Lesley and Craig "camera man" Dewar, Stewart Cole and his Lucky pit board, and John "timekeeper" Wilson.

A big thanks also goes out to Raymond "Hodgi Ui" Hodges and sidekick Johnny O'neil who due to commitments with the Paul Robinson/ Connolly Transport/BPS team could not be with me yesterday. Thanks for everything Ray, but now who's in front with the championship points?..... ME!

Cheers to all the officials, Marshals and spectators who cheered me on, and especially to the little girl, Marianne, who asked for my autograph, She made my day.

Now I know I'm a real racer!

All the best 'till next time.

Lisa and all at Team Miller Racing.

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