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Martin & Dunlop 'spellbound' with BMW S 1000 RR on Day One
Author Malcolm
Wednesday, Mar 11, 2015 11:23 am
Martin & Dunlop 'spellbound' with BMW S 1000 RR on Day One

After just four days of testing with BMW’s S 1000 RR, the Tyco BMW team was able to give road racing stars Guy Martin and William Dunlop a great opening day base setting on their new bikes at Almeria, during the official BMW Motorrad test camp.

Both men completed a generous helping of laps around the Andalusia race circuit on Monday, and their positive comments at the end of day one, was praise indeed for all involved at Tyco BMW and the S 1000 RR.

Guy Martin:

I haven’t hardly touched a thing on the Tyco BMW S 1000 RR apart from footrests and bars and I’m more than impressed already. It’s that nimble and has such a great feel, you could ride it for a lifetime; it really is a mega bike.

“We rode today on used tyres, which does help you get a good feeling for a bike, and I had one hundred percent confidence in it and felt great. It goes like ‘you know what… off a shovel’ and even though I haven’t ridden a competitive bike for around six months, I know fast when I ride it, and it did everything I asked of it.

“If I’m honest I’ve got more out of the first day on this bike than I did here last year for three days – so take from that what you will.

William Dunlop:

It’s been a good day for me. If I’m honest my initial impressions are a lot better than I thought they would be, and I did come here expecting something positive from the BMW S 1000 RR. I’ve gone quicker here today on day one, than I did during the three day test last year.

“The chassis feels strong and the way the bike changes direction and enters corners is perfect for my style of riding. This bike feels like it was build for me and I normally struggle on stock tyres, but I stayed out almost all day and really enjoyed it. I did so many laps I’m almost dizzy. I already think this is the bike to be on this year.

Guy Martin

William Dunlop



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