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Classic Superbike: Important eligibility clarification
Author TTwebsite
Wednesday, Feb 22, 2012 4:58 pm
Classic Superbike: Important eligibility clarification
 Classic Superbike: Brakes / Front suspension / Swinging arms

The eligibility requirements for this race with reference to brakes, front suspension and swing arms are as follows:

Machines may also incorporate components of a type manufactured before 31st December 1985, or manufactured after that date without substantial alteration. Riders are encouraged to present machines with visible components (eg wheels) of a type available in the period.

In particular, and with reference to each machine:

Suspension systems: must be of a type available as at 31st December 1985 (subject to the replacement of shock absorbers)
Forks: must be of a type available as at 31st December 1985
Frames and swinging arms: must be of a type available as at 31st December 1985
For Classic Superbike and up to 600 cc four strokes running in the Junior Post Classic, brakes must be of a type available as at 31st December 1985.

In order to ensure that the race is run in an ╩╗accommodating but fair and reasonable╩╝ manner we would like to offer some clarity to our meaning of the wording ╩╗of a type available╩╝:

Fitting brakes, suspension, swing arms and other components taken from machines produced many years after the 'cut off' period (example Yamaha R6 / Yamaha R1) is not within the 'spirit' of the event and as such will regarded as ineligible.

Unsure about the eligibility of a component?

If entrants are unsure about the eligibility of certain components they may make enquiry with the MMCC for a ruling. In doing so they should specify the type of component proposed, how it differs from an original component, and why the original is unavailable or unsuitable. In making a ruling the MMCC shall consider whether the proposed use of a component shall be within the spirit of the class, and whether or not it will give the entrant “an advantage over others”.


Competitors who present their machines with ineligible components fitted may be allowed to practice but will not be allowed to start the race.

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