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Sponsored Sidecar Experience

Author: Helen Gibson
Posted on: Thursday, Oct 28 2004

You must be registered with Helen Gibson, before you begin signing up sponsors. We have only 2 hours, so places are strictly limited, so get in touch NOW.

All participants take part at their own risk, and will be asked to sign an insurance waiver. You must, at all times, obey the instructions of the officials. Please listen and watch carefully. They know what they are talking about. Marshalls and medics will be on site, and they must also be obeyed at all times.

All participants must wear one piece leathers, gloves, appropriate footwear and helmet, approved by the officials. (We may be able to lend you suitable gear.)

All participants must bring at least £50 sponsorship or donations before taking part. Balance to be paid by 17 December2004. Any other motorsport experience would cost over £100, but this is unique and you couldn’t buy it!

The person paying the highest amount of sponsorship by 17 December will receive the prize for this by Christmas. When we ran this event 13 years ago, the highest amount was £250..beat that!

All participants will get 3 laps of Knockhill, on a sidecar outfit driven by an experienced driver. Speed will be dictated by the officials…in other words, fast enough for fun, but not faster than you can handle…don’t try to be a daredevil…I don’t want to have to run another of these days, for YOU!!

Thank you to Derek Butcher for providing free track time, and to all the drivers, passengers and other helpers who are giving their time, and use of their equipment.

For directions to Knockhill, or any other information about the event, please contact Helen Gibson

3 Cameron Grove
KY11 1AP

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