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MGP - Friday Practice

Author: MMCC Press Release
Posted on: Monday, Aug 25 2008

The Classics, Lightweight & Ultra-Lightweight MGP, along with Newcomers C competitors had the privilege of the first session this evening.

Clerk of the Course and Practice Controller for the evening, Phil Taubman informed riders that conditions were good all round the course, although there were damp patches in the Ramsey Hairpin area. The lack of adhesion flag was to be shown for the first lap only at Hillberry.

Practice got off at 6.29pm with Kirk Farrow on the 400 RVF Honda followed by Dan Sayle on the RS250 Honda.

First to complete a lap was Dan Sayle in a time of 20 minutes 13.67 seconds, a speed of 111.915mph, who went through for a second circuit. Then came Ultra Lightweight rider Rab Davie in 21m 09.33s, 107.007mph.

Alan Oversby, Manx Norton was the first of the Classic Senior machines at 106.840mph, a time of 21m 11.32s. The Classic Junior category saw John Goodall lap in 23m 15.35s, 97.344mph on his AJS 7R.

Dan Sayle on the Lightweight Honda lapped quicker on his second circuit at 112.840mph, a time of 20m 03.72s.

The chequered flag was shown to riders in the openeing session at 7.05pm. The Senior, Junior and Newcomers A riders set off 7.16pm, headed by the Senior machines of Ryan McCay and Chris Bradshaw.

First back and through for a second lap was Ryan McCay in 19m 22.38s a speed of 116.854mph, followed by fellow Senior rider Scott Wilson in 19m 13.36s, 117.768mph.

The leading Junior on the roads was Wayne Kirwan in 20m 21.42s, a speed of 114.411mph with Adam Barclay next through with a time of 19m 35.60s, 115.539mph.

8.10pm and the chequered flag was shown to all riders bringing the session to a close.

Once again Ryan Farquhar headed both the Classic Senior and Junior classes, with speeds of 017.451mph on the Paton and 101.641mph on the Drixton Honda. The Classic Lightweight was topped by Jonathan Cutts at 93.449mph.

In the Manx Grand Prix, James McCullagh was quickest in the Senior, at 118.445mph,Daniel Kneen in the Junior at 116.011mph, Dan Sayle in the Lightweight at 112.840mph and the Ultra Lightweight once again saw Rab Davie at the top with a speed of 107.007mph.

Newcomers A was headed by Ryan Kneen at 114.542mph and the C Class was headed by Daniel Kneen at 103.032mph.

305 machines went through Scrutineering and there were three incidents, Mark Parbury was off at Sarah’s, was seen by the Paramedics and was OK.

Team mates Ryan McCay and Scott Wilson were off at the Waterworks, seen by a Doctor, but both OK.

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