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Newcomers A & C Report

Author: MMCC Press Release
Posted on: Tuesday, Aug 26 2008

Originally reduced to three laps, the extra delay forced the organisers to reduce the race distance to just two laps, 75 miles.

Ivan Lintin was first on the roads at Glen Helen, but it was Ryan Kneen who led on time, by 4.32 seconds, with Kevin Fitzpatrick third 8.69 seconds behind the leader. In the 'C' class, it was Michael Sweeney who led Ryan's brother, Daniel.

At Ramsey on the opening lap of two, Ryan Kneen had increased the lead to 16.23 seconds from Lintin, with James Redpath now in third place a further 5 seconds behind on time. Roy Moore, the commentator reported that it had started raining at the Hairpin.

By the Bunglow Ivan Lintin had pulled four seconds back on Kneen, with Redpatch still third. Meanwhile Sweeney was stillleading Dan Kneen in the smaller class.

Ryan Kneen was only 10.6 seconds ahead as he and Ivan Lintin went through the Grandstand to complete their first lap, with James Redpath still holding third spot, 18 seconds adrift of the second placeman.

Daniel Kneen had taken the lead at the Bungalow in class 'C' from Derek Costello and positions were still the same at the conclusion of the first lap.

Lap two at Glen Helen, 19-year-old Ryan Kneen and Ivan Lintin were still together on the roads, with Redpath still holding on to third. The gap between the leaders was now 11.52 seconds.

Class 'C' saw positions remaining the same, with the elder of the Kneen brothers Daniel in front of Ian Whitlow by well over a minute.

Ryan Kneen held an 11 second lead at Ramsey on the second and last lap from Lintin, with Redpath third.

The lead had increased by a further noine seconds at the Bungalow as positions remained the same.

Daniel Kneen was also safely through Ramsey on the final lap, mixing it with the class 'A' Newcomers.

Ryan Kneen took the chequered flag to win class 'A' with Ivan Lintin taking second and James Redpath third.

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