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Junior Classic & Lightweight Report

Author: MMCC Press Release
Posted on: Wednesday, Aug 27 2008

The late start meant that both races would be reduced from four laps to three, a distance of 113.19 miles.

The Clerk of the Course informed riders that conditions were far from ideal, with wet patches around the course and that the lack of adhesion flag would be shown as required as would the visibility flag over the Mountain section.

3.00pm and the flag set off Paul Coward on his own followed ten-seconds later by Alan Oversby and Wattie Brown, the fastest in practice and Monday's Senior winner, Ryan Farquhar on a Honda Drixton this time out.

Glen Helen lap one and it was 2007 Junior Classic winner Roy Richardson who enjoyed a 3.42 second lead on time over Ryan Farquhar, with Rich Hawkins in third spot a further 7 seconds behind.

Ewan Hamilton, last year's Lightweight victor was leading the Lightweight race at Glen Helen on the first lap.

At Ramsey on the opening lap, Oversby was leading on the roads, but it was still Richardson on time, an increasing lead of 14 seconds. Alan Oversby had moved into third place.

At the end of the first lap Richardson held a 28 second lead over Farquhar, who in turn had a 6n second advantage over Oversby. Rich Hawkins, Paul Coward and Wattie Brown completed the top six.

The Lightweight class was headed by Ewan Hamilton who came in for a pit stop, with a 13 second lead over Jonathan Cutts with Peter Symes third.

By lap two Glen Helen reported that the difference between the leading two Honda's was now 42 seconds.

By Ramsey, however Richardson was leading on the roads from Oversby. The gap between Roy and Ryan was 47.69 seconds.

At the conclusion of the second lap Richardson's lead was now over one minute, with Paul Coward now in third, after Oversby retired during the lap.

The Lightweights were led by Peter Symes with 19 seconds over Jonathan Cutts with Bud Jackson third - all three taking pit stops.

Glen Helen on the third and final lap Richardson went through with a 62 second lead over Paul Coward who 'enjoyed' a one-second advantage over Farquhar

In the Lightweight class it was still Symes from Hamilton with a 9-second lead.

Through Ramsey for the final time Roy Richardson was 65 seconds ahead of Paul Coward with Ryan Farquhar third a further 10-seconds down.

At the chequered flag Roy Richardson took his fifth 'Manx' win, his second Junior Classic.

Second was Paul Coward with Ryan Farquhar third.

The Lightweight race was won by Ewan Hamilton having regained the lead on time at the Bungalow on the third lap. second was Peter Symes with Jonathan Cutts third.

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