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Junior Manx Grand Prix

Author: MMCC Press Release
Posted on: Thursday, Aug 28 2008

Simon Fulton N0.1, led on the roads and time at Glen Helen for few seconds, until No.9 Russell Mountford wentn through to take the lead, a moment later it was Daniel Kneen in front before Michael Weldon went through leading on time, the the 'charge' which put Daniel Kneen in the lead by just 0.64 of a second from Michael Weldon with Adam Barclay moving into third some 12 seconds down. At the end of the opening lap, Phil McGurk led on the roads, but called into the pits to refuel. Weldon went through, as did Dan Kneen, with the former leading on time by 0.53 of a second, as Ryan McCay moved into third 23 seconds down.

Ballaugh lap two and Weldon's lead was up to 0.92 of a second with Kneen 39 seconds ahead of McCay. By Ramsey the lead had been cut to 0.22 of a second and the gap between second and third increased to 44 seconds. Kneen was in front at the Bungalow by 0.22 of a second, at Cronk;ny;Mona in was Weldon by 0.33 of a second.

At the end of the lap with the leaders coming into refuel the lead was up to 1.33 seconds in Weldon's advantage. Kneen was first out of pit lane in front of Weldon and was 9 seconds down leaving the pits.

Glen Helen third and final lap and Kneen had a 4.88 second advantage over Weldon, as Philip McGurk moved into third. Ballaugh saw the lead down to 1.70 seconds, still in Kneen's favour. Ramsey and McGurk was still leading on the roads, although in third place. Cronk-ny-Mona and the gap was 72.37 seconds from Ryan McCay with McGurk third.

Daniel Kneen finished first on the road to take his second victory in two days by 73.59 seconds from Ryan McCay, who was five seconds ahead of Philip McGurk in third.

In the Junior Manx Grand Prix, Michael Weldon came off his machine at Windy Corner and sustained suspected ankle, leg and wrist injuries and was taken to hospital by Air Med.

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