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Author: Camel Media Services
Posted on: Sunday, Apr 10 2005

Alex Barros and Troy Bayliss will both start from the third row of the grid in the Spanish GP tomorrow. With the eighth and ninth fastest times respectively, the two Camel Honda men were both in the top ten in today’s qualifying session after setting similar times and lapping inside last year's pole record. Both riders battled in the top five throughout the session, when everybody was on race tyres, but lost a few positions in the final push on qualification rubber.

Sito Pons – Camel Honda

"Both our riders will start from the third row with virtually the same
qualifying time and just a hair's breadth from the riders in front of them. In my opinion tomorrow's race will be very combative and it will be important to get a good start. If they can get away well at the green light they should be able to stick with the pace of the lead group and, with both of them being the great fighters that they are,
there's every chance of a top result."

Alex Barros – Camel Honda – 1’40.720 8th fastest

"Compared with the tests here two weeks ago the conditions have changed
quite a lot and the difference is notable on the track. It was windy
this afternoon, it was cold and that made it harder to ride than at the
tests. We tried to change the set-up accordingly this morning but
without too much success. In the afternoon we went back to a fork
setting that worked better although it is still not as good as I would
like. We're about half a second off the pace and that isn't
satisfactory. Anyway, this is the best set-up we have found and I'll
have to try and fight my way to the front tomorrow so that we can take
home a good result. As far as the tyres are concerned we don’t have a
problem – I'm ready for the race."

Troy Bayliss – Camel Honda – 1’40.774 9th fastest

"I'm relatively happy – the third row of the grid isn't bad. We've
improved but the guys at the front have set a very fast pace and it
will be important to get a good start tomorrow. We've got a couple of
things to try in the warm-up - nothing major, just small adjustments.
I'm not really thinking about that though, just looking forward to a
good race."

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