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RACE REPORT (10/04/05) SPANISH GRAND PRIX - 10/04/05

Author: Camel Media Service
Posted on: Monday, Apr 11 2005

It was a good start to the 2005 season for the Camel Honda team and its two riders, Alex Barros and Troy Bayliss, who finished fourth and sixth places respectively at the end of a hard-fought Spanish Grand Prix.

After a tough weekend of practices, Alex was transformed in the race and made a sparkling recovery from twelfth place to finish fourth. Meanwhile Troy showed how much progress he had made with sheer
determination and hard work throughout the winter on the RC211V, taking a brilliant result taken through gritted teeth in his first ride with Honda.

Sito Pons Camel Honda

"I am quite satisfied with our beginning to the season, it was a great team result in the first race, with two new riders and a lot of highs and lows during the winter. Alex made a great fightback today, after a weekend of problems and above all after a not too brilliant start. I'm happy for him. I'm also happy for Troy, because he had a great debut
race after a tough off-season. I really think he is finding a feeling for the new bike and I think that he is getting the confidence with it, the best is surely yet to come. We're on the right tracks though!"

Alex Barros Camel Honda 4th

"I can't say I'm satisfied with fourth place, especially because of how it came about. I'm happy when I fight at the front, for podium positions, not when I'm so behind. If I was fourth and one second
behind, then fine, I can say I was there or thereabouts, that I lost the battle with the others, looking to win it. But so far away, I can't say that I'm happy. I paid a high price for my start, when I made the mistake of not engaging the electronic start system and I was caught in the traffic. Then I ran wide as I tried to go past, and at the end it took me half a race to get up to the right pace: by then the front group was much too far away. Nevertheless, this is only the first race, and now I have to do better in Estoril."

Troy Bayliss Camel Honda 6th

"I'm quite happy. I think that sixth isn't a bad result for the first race with a new bike. I'm happy for the team too. We still have a long season ahead of us, and I need and want to get on that bike and do some good races. I feel good, now my motivation is even greater and I can't wait for the Portuguese GP next week."

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